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Schedules and routes

Paikku’s printed, paper schedules are available at the bus station, the main library and the city’s service points.

Transport during summer

Paikku’s summer transport schedules are valid from 5 June to 8 August 2023. During the summer, Paikku operates at a reduced frequency. Transport services are offered from Monday to Friday. No service on Midsummer’s eve.

Transport during winter

During the school year, Paikku operates from Monday to Friday. School day service is only available on school days, including the final day of the semester. The school day bus service is indicated in the schedules with the abbreviation “koulup”. There is no service on weekday public holidays. See the schedule for departure platform information.

Schedules and routes 9.8.-31.12.2023 (pdf) in Finnish (1,17 Mt)

Service transport

Service transport in the city of Salo is available to all municipal residents and summer residents. Service transport provides customers with an opportunity to access services twice per week. Service transport will pick up passengers from their homes if necessary and the driver assists them in all stages of the journey as needed. The vehicle also has room for the passengers’ special aids and shopping bags.

Customers must place an order for the services in the subscription service centre at the latest on the weekday before the day of using the service transport.

The price of a one-way journey is EUR 3.30

Order number: +358 (0)2 778 7716

The subscription service centre staff is available in the number on weekdays at 8–14. In other times, the call will be diverted to voicemail, where you can leave a contact request or notify that you want to cancel the service. Please remember to leave your number so we can call you back.