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Tickets and fares

The public transport system of the city of Salo, Paikku, uses the nationwide Waltti ticketing system and an even fare, which means that the price of the journey is the same no matter how long you ride the bus. You can access the Paikku transport services with a mobile ticked, Waltti travel card or a single-fare ticket purchased from the vehicle.

All of the ticket products include a 2-hour period during which you can switch between lines without any extra charges. This period begins when you first validate the travel card, or when you purchase a mobile ticket or a single-fare ticket.

Only cash is accepted as payment method in buses. You should have the exact change for the bus.

Escorts of passengers with severe disabilities, guide dogs for visually impaired persons, and service dogs assisting an individual travel free of charge.

Single-fare ticket

If you only use the transport services occasionally, the easiest way is to purchase a single-fare ticket or a mobile ticket. You can buy a single-fare ticket from a bus. The price of a single-fare ticket is EUR 3.30 for an adult and EUR 1.70 for a child (aged 7-15 years). You may only pay for the ticket in cash, and the buses do not accept bank cards as a means of payment. You should have the exact change for the bus.

You can also pay for an adult single ticket (EUR 3.30) on buses with contactless payment by debit and credit cards or mobile devices. Contactless payment is not available for Diners Club and American Express cards. The payment method is personal. If you also want to buy a ticket for another person, use another card, contactless payment device or another payment method.

The right to exchange vehicles is also included in contactless paid trips. When changing vehicles, you must show the same payment card or device to the reader so that the system recognizes the ascent as an exchange of vehicles.

When purchasing with contactless payment, the receipt will not be printed. Instead, you can check the charged price and print a receipt from the customer portal, where you log in with your payment card details.

Mobile tickets

You can purchase a mobile ticket using the Waltti mobile app. You can download the app to the latest iOS and Android phones from the app store on your device. The travel time starts the moment you purchase the ticket and the available payment methods include Visa/MasterCard and the most common debit cards. You must display the ticket to the driver when entering the bus. The ticket includes a QR code and the remaining period of validity. Make sure your phone has been charged and will stay on during the entire journey.

The price of a mobile ticket is the same as when paying with a value card, EUR 3.00 for an adult and EUR 1.55 for a child (aged 7-15 years).

Value ticket

The travellers using the bus services a few times per week should purchase a value ticket, which makes travel more affordable than a single ticket purchased from the vehicle. You can purchase the amount of value on you card you want. The value will be spent as you use the card. When travelling with a value ticket, the price of one trip is EUR 3.00 for adults and EUR 1.55 for children (aged 7-15 years).

You can also use the value card to pay for more than one passenger’s journey (1-31 people) if the card has the required value. The price charged from the card is determined based on the age group set up for the card and it cannot be changed afterwards. An adult’s fare is charged from an adult’s value card and a child’s fare from a child’s value card. This means that adults cannot use children’s value tickets to pay for their fares. Children travelling with an adult’s value ticket are charged the fare for an adult. A value ticket can be either a personal or multi-user ticket.

Season ticket

Season ticket is the most affordable option for those riding the bus regularly. The ticket is valid for 30 days and starts when you first use it. The amount you can travel during the ticket’s period of validity has not been restricted, so you can ride the bus as much as you like during this period. The season ticket is personal. Season ticket prices: Child (7-15 years) EUR 25.00 /30 days, adult EUR 65.00/30 days.

Kela’s subsidised school transport ticket

Under certain conditions, students in upper secondary education may be entitled to a school transport subsidy granted by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

Kela has two types of subsidised school transport tickets. The half-month ticket is valid for 30 days during which the student can travel on 14 days. Students entitled to the full rate of the school transport subsidy can get a 30-day season ticket, which is valid for 30 days. The amount or number of days on which the student can travel have not been restricted during the period of validity of the ticket.

The period of validity of Kela’s subsidised school transport ticket starts the first time you use the ticket. For students other than those entitled to free education, the student’s contribution of topping up the travel card is EUR 43 each time you top up the 30-day ticket and EUR 21.50 each time you top up the half-month ticket (14 days). Unused days will not be refunded. No service fee is charged for Kela’s subsidised school transport ticket. Passengers are not able to top up the Kela’s subsidised school transport ticket in buses.

For more information and instructions for applying for the ticket, see the Kela website at:

School bus card

The school bus card for basic education pupils is granted by schools to pupils who are entitled to free school transport by bus. The bus card granted personally to the pupil. The school bus card is valid during the school year at 06:00– 18:00 on school days and entitles pupils to two bus rides, including switches between lines, between the pupil’s home and school. The cards are not collected from the pupils between school years and pupils are obligated to keep their school bus card in an appropriate manner.

If the pupil loses the card, they or their guardian must notify the school of the missing card. The pupil or guardian must redeem a new card from a service point for a purchase permit received from the school by paying a card fee of EUR 5.00. In addition to the school ticket, users can also top up their card with more value for the pupil’s leisure-time travel at their own expense.

Waltti travel card

Waltti is a travel card on which you can load season and/or value ticket products. The travel card allows you to travel within the boundaries of the city of Salo. Buying the travel card is a good idea, because when use it to pay for fares, the price of a bus ride will always be cheaper than the price of a single-fare ticket.
The travel card is available for purchase at our public transport service point, and a fee of 5 euros will be charged for the card on the first purchase. You can later top up the card in the online shop and in buses in addition to the service point. Only cash is accepted as payment method in buses. For lines operated under an Ely services contract, Waltti tickets are accepted as a method of payment when the passengers board and disembark from the bus in the Salo area.

Service fees

Travel card fee (includes a card holster) EUR 5.00
Card holster (purchased separately) EUR 2.00
Refunding a purchased ticked with a value ticket EUR 10.00
Redeeming a ticket or transferring a ticket to a new card EUR 6.00
Paper printout of travel card transactions EUR 2.00
Requests for information related to travel cards
(if not free of charge by law)
EUR 20.00

A service fee of 2 euros is charged for additionally topping up the travel card at the service point and in buses. No service fee is charged for topping up the card in the online shop.

Travel tickets incl. valid VAT, (from 1.5.2023 10%)
Service fees incl. VAT 24%